Five kinds of headphones

5 Kinds of Headphones and How to choose the right one

You can buy the best headphones in the world, it can deliver all its qualities only if the sound signal provided to it is up to par. In short: the quality of the sound also depends in part on your source and its adequacy more or less successful with the helmet in question.

It is therefore advisable to do a trial in-store with the mobile audio source (smartphone, tablet, MP3 player …) that you use most frequently. If you want a headset that will be connected to your CD player or home stereo system, ask the salesperson to listen to it by plugging it into a device similar to yours. Different technical factors can cause a headset to produce a sound that is harder, mellower, or less faithful than another, although it is intrinsically capable of providing good quality sound.

This is why it is so important to always perform a listening test before you buy! At the same time, you will also be able to judge its ability to deliver a large volume or oversized bass (if that is your personal desire), or the comfort you feel when wearing it. By trying the model that tempts you, you will avoid any disappointment.

If you order in an online shop, the test is naturally impossible. Please note that you have the right to return the purchased product within 14 days if it does not give you satisfaction. Want to buy the best earbuds under 50, click here!

Five kinds of headphones
Five kinds of headphones

Five kinds of headphones

Headphones “Over-ear”

These generous-sized headphones feature hulls that fully cover the ears, making them more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. In general, these models offer a very good sound quality

Headphones “On-ear”

An “on-ear” headset is usually lighter and smaller than an “over-ear” variant. In most cases, they have soft shells for a better comfort. Some models are foldable, which makes them a little more suitable for traveling. These models are often open helmets, the low tones are a little less well developed.

In-Ear Headphones

The in-ear earphones are composed, as the name implies, of ear tips to be inserted into the ear canal. These earphones are ultracompact, making them ideal for traveling.

Sport Earphones

Sport headphones are great for training. These models are designed in such a way that you can listen to your favorite music comfortably while practicing your sport. Some models use ear tips, others have a hook that you can attach behind the ear or a headband. Numerous specimens are also impermeable to water and perspiration.

Studio Headphones

These models are primarily aimed at a professional audience active in the audio sector, for whom the sound must be of excellent quality. Consider recording studios. Naturally, comfort also plays an important role in these models, since these helmets are worn long enough. However, the ordinary user judges this sound to be too loud

For a comfortable wearing

Before making a choice, determine how you will use the headset. Be also attentive to comfort.

Headphone For Travel
Headphone For Travel

For home or travel?

Before buying a headset, ask yourself if you are going to use it primarily at home or on the go. An over-ear headphone, with shells surrounding the ear, further preserves you from background noise. Such a helmet is generally robust and comfortable, but relatively bulky and less practical for traveling. Booking It Now With Mekong Delta Tours

A foldable model is easier to store. But the higher the number of moving parts (hinges, rods), the more fragile the helmet. Do not opt ​​for a model that is too heavy if you intend to wear it prolonged.

With an in-ear model, the weight is obviously not embarrassing. In addition, the earpieces almost do not allow background noise to pass. To the point that they can even be dangerous in traffic. Think about it!

An important aspect neglected by different manufacturers is the limitation of nuisance to the environment. Some headphones, especially open models, let sounds pass into the environment. Be careful if you intend to use your helmet on the train for example.

For high comfort

The size of your ears naturally has an influence on comfort. If you have big ears, the shells of an over-ear headset for example can hurt you. Be sure to try the helmet before purchasing it, to make sure it suits you.

An adjustable hoop can be convenient when one and the same helmet must be used comfortably by different users.

You wear glasses? If this is the case, you may be less embarrassed by in-ear headphones than by a headphone with a headband, which can compress the branches of your mount. As far as in-ear headphones are concerned, there are various rubber covers to fit optimally into your ear canal.

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