Are Collagen Supplements Really an Anti-Aging Cure
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Are Collagen Supplements Really an Anti-Aging Cure?

What do you observe when you see yourself in the mirror? A beautiful and pumped up skin right? What if I tell you to check out the same in a magnifying glass? You might resist or might get shocked seeing those wrinkles and loose skin. All these signs are the result of the aging of your body and are pretty normal as well.

But none of us wants to get old; we all want to have gorgeous skin, toned up body whole of your life. This can be true; you can hit the reality back when it tries to bang you. To get your glossy skin jammed to your body, all you need to have collagen intake. Intrigued with the answer but unaware of collagen then let’s discuss what is collagen and how to use Collagen for Skin care?

Are Collagen Supplements Really an Anti-Aging Cure

What is collagen?

Collagen is one such protein (amino acids) which our body produces in an abundant amount. It is responsible for strengthening the skin cells, removing or restoring the dead cells of the skin and also covers the delicate organs of the body. Though it is found in a massive amount in our body; with growing age, its production decreases’ and hence results in showing anti-aging symptoms.

From where can we get Collagen?

  • The first and foremost source of collagen in our body itself.
  • Collagen supplements: these days several companies have introduced collagen supplements which are radically showing positive results on the skin and body
  • It can also be available in grass-fed animals.

Why collagen supplements?

People are now turning towards Collagen for Skin care because the skin is not able to absorb this very protein. Even the traditional collagen supplements failed to show positive results of absorption into the skin.

How collagen is going to help?

With the passing of time, every single individual enters a phase of growing old and therefore the body starts showing regressive symptoms. All these can be cured and reduced with regular intake of collagen. Let us discuss some of the benefits of Collagen for Skin care?

  • Increases skin elasticity – With age the outer layer of the skin gets thinner and hence loses elasticity resulting in wrinkles. Taking a proper dose of collagen supplements will increase moisture in the skin and will reduce these wrinkles by 20% in the early stage itself.
  • The growth of new tissues – Taking collagen will help in the formation of new tissues and not only this it will make the place out for the old and dead tissues too.
  • Fill wrinkles – lack of collagen results in dullness and faintness of skin; likewise with regular use of the same will give life to your beautiful skin plus will make it supple and shinier like before.
  • Healthy bones and joints – When the body starts getting the right amount of collagen; it get hold of the bioavailable foundation of amino acid that improves the overall physical condition of the entire body.

Factors responsible for damaging Collagen

There are many activities in our daily life which automatically results in aging and depletion of collagen count.

  • Smoking – Nicotine present in cigarettes and tobacco is responsible for thinning the skin cells, the outer layer of the skin and even blood vessels of the body as well. Hence it reduces the formation of nutrients into the body and blocks the oxygen too.
  • Ultraviolet rays – These rays are extremely harsh and damage collagen very fast by openly damaging the dermis of the skin.
  • Sugar – Taking the extra or high amount of sugar in the regular diet is way more harmful than anything else. This is because it increases the formation of glycation in the body which is responsible for forming AGEs that is Advanced glycation products. These AGEs destroys the growth and development of collagen.

If we cut short we can come to a conclusion that Collagen for Skin care is a mandatory requirement in today’s’ life. We cannot stop the process of getting old as it way too much normal. In addition to that, we cannot ignore the growing pollution as well. All we can do is to do litter effort and add Collagen in our daily life without fail.

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