Top 5 Best Mattress For Sex in 2018
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Purple vs Lull vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Casper

Lull vs Purple vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Casper is best mattress for sex, high-end mattresses that are favored in their mother-land in particular and over the world in general. These mattresses offer comfortable feeling with the ability to support the body is quite good. However, it is expensive what makes people wonder when buying them.  Moreover, many strengths as well as limits of this kind of mattress which make it difficulties to make decisions.

Top 5 Best Mattress For Sex in 2018

Top 5 Best Mattress For Sex in 2018

Purple Mattress what we need

It’s a top mattress which advised to be picked for hot sleepers. It is great for sleeping in any position, definitely pressure relieving, and it sleeps cool. Therefore, you must have look at this design to select one.

Which makes Purple Mattress more outstanding?

  • This is made of natural latex mattress that does not contain synthetic aerosol, completely user-friendly.
  • This mattress brand has a structure with millions of vent holes, which help to maximize airflow to make circulation in the summer, warm in winter.
  • Remarkable feature in pressure relief: Tester has found the raw egg test of Purple’s unique material is actually great for pressure density.
  • Diversity in model and dimension: It’s hard to compare Purple to any other mattress due to the unique material. If you want the Best Mattress In A Box online business model, this is one of the best brands.
  • Multiple sleeping positions: Purple is applied for 3 typical positions. The mattresses that are comfortable when sleeping on the back sleeper, side, and stomacher.
  • Meet demand of the sleep cool

Cons of this kind of mattress

  • Some shoppers can find it difficult because there’s a particular type of mattress you love. You feel that isn’t quite like any of the standard mattress types. Memory foam or latex mattress, which is the better? It’s hard to categorize Purple.
  • In terms of firmness, it’s probably a 7/10 on the firmness scale – but it is also very pressure relieving as well, so I think the normal “firmness scale” isn’t as useful as it can be.
  • Purple is sold only online.

Helix Mattress which makes you feel like instantly

Helix is really remarkable in the industry for being so unique. MattressClarity talk: “If you believe that there is no one best mattress for everyone, then Helix might be an interesting choice to take a look at”.

There are some reasons why you should lean on Helix

  • Saving-money decision: Helix is a very high-end mattress that takes the recently popular bed in a box model.
  • High quality: Helix is instantly keeping up with the best memory foam mattress brands in 2018 on Amazon. According to the static, the number of income release that it is widely used over the world.
  • Improvement in the sleep experience.
  • Giving a latex foam feel – for all its personalization, it’s still a latex-like foam mattress feel overall.Helix is sold only online, and on top of that

Helix might you don’t like

  • You don’t like foam mattresses: If you don’t like foam mattress, it is not your choice, the Helix will not change your mind.
  • Only online selling: Helix is sold only online, and on top of that it’s personalized, so you won’t know exactly what you’re getting until it arrives at your doorstep.
  • Quite expensive: You can spend significantly more

Lull Mattress which has some points to care about

Lull offers a great opportunity to get a high-quality mattress. This mattress definitely has a distinct memory foam feel which gives you a nice sleep every single day. Let’s come to detail of this kind of mattress.

Good points

  • Great value: Shipping directly from factory to your door, without the middle-man. This allows products to offer a quality product at a significantly reduced price.
  • You sleep in multiple positions throughout the night – The Lull mattress gives you nice sleeping regardless of your position such as back, side, and stomach sleeping.
  • Offer memory foam feel: Memory foam mattresses are becoming more and more popular and for good reason. And Lull is one of the best examples for customers to purchase.
  • A very comfortable mattress – Your feeling depends on your preference, this is very subjective
  • You have back pain or are overweight or pregnant – the mattress is a bit firmer than average and made with high-quality foams, so it will provide good support to address pain and heavier sleepers’ needs.

A few compliments

  • Less bounce: Lull has the second layer which is spring, and the main part is latex-like foam.
  • Online sold: You have no trial it in stores
  • Heavily firm: slightly firmer than average, at about a 7.0 of 10 on the firmness scale. If you have no favor in this kind of mattress which has hard firmness, it doesn’t definitely fit.

American Mattress you may like

CommunityCounts said: “The quality of American Mattress would definitely put a great impression on you. In particular, with the personalization options and quality of materials. Of the mattresses on the market, it’s, of course, towards the very top due to the innovations. Helix is lean on providing the personalization options, so you can take a look at to consider that does it fit your preference?”

Why you should choose American Mattress

  • American Mattress is locally owned and operated inner, they are the neighbors, friends, and part of your community. The concept of this brand is to offer luxury sleep sets at prices you will not lose sleep over
  • The content of this kind mattress is Beautyrest Silver Hybrid, Beautyrest Silver  and Beautyrest Black. They are quite new and different from many familiar or old brand in the market. However, these parts meet all of the demand of the clients.
  • AmeircaSleep bring a restful night sleep we give you up to a 120 days-night sleep guarantee.

Another side of this brand

  • This is quite new brand in the market, so new customers have a few reviews. While, it just apply to sell online.
  • It is more difficult to buy than some familiar brands.

Casper Mattress

There is no perfect mattress for everyone, but Casper is definitely great, and fit many kind of class of people quite well.  If you sleep in multiple positions throughout the night, Casper is probably one of the option you should consider.

Some of the good points

  • Prior to that I had a standard innerspring mattress with a memory foam topper. I’ve enjoyed comfortable, deep sleep since day 1, despite the warnings about an adjustment period.
  • While it does sleep somewhat warmer than a basic innerspring, the difference between the Caspar and other memory foam topper is negligible.
  • It helps with the heat issue. While it’s rated low on the firmness scale by Casper, you have not experienced sinking or excessive softness, and you can comfortably sit on the side of the bed without side collapse.
  • Good option for heavier sleepers.

Staying limits of this kind of mattress

Many customers have opposite mind in experiencing this kind of mattress.

  • Sweaty nights because the Casper retains heat, especially on nights after an intense workout. This is a problem with foam mattresses in general so I will probably try a hybrid next.
  • It is too soft that overweight or pregnant people sink into the mattress.

Purple vs Lull vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Casper


There are plenty of mattress which are provided in the online market, however, I advise you to choose Purple vs Lull vs Amerisleep vs Helix vs Casper.

Every brand has its own strengths such as personalized mattresses, “fit everyone” mattress. But you will be very impressed by the price point or the quality mattress. They may be the one bed in a box company with quality mattress that can actually suit all sleepers’ needs at this point. Of course I tried out just one customization and give a very good experience sleeping on the mattress.

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