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Sweet Dreams: 8 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Mattress

After a long and tiring day, all you want to do is crash and sleep on your bed. If your bed is uncomfortable, you might have a harder time falling asleep. It adds more stress, leaving you more tired than ever. You’ll wake up cranky the next day because you didn’t sleep well.

A good mattress is a remedy for your sleeping problem. You need to invest in a good mattress because sleep is very essential. Before you pick out a mattress, check out these tips which can help you choose the perfect fit for you.

Scout for More

Don’t settle for just one store. Go around and check various stores which sell mattresses. If you don’t have the time to drive around, you can buy online.Different sites offer a wide selection of beds which might suit you.

Compare Mattress Types

There a lot of mattress types on the market and it can be confusing to choose among them. Here are the basic mattress types that will help you narrow down your choices.

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Adjustable Air

This type of mattress can be inflated according to your desired firmness. These mattresses typically come with an electric pump for air. Some of these mattresses allow separate inflation for the two sides of the bed for those who sleep with partners. If you decide to buy this mattress, consider inflating it during the daytime. Using the electric pump can get noisy and would cause a disturbance if done at night.


Most people favor foam, particularly those who suffer from back or neck pain. The usual materials for foam are polyurethane and latex. Foam molds around your body if you continually sleep on it, but it goes back to its original shape once you get up.


Majority of the mattresses on the market are innerspring. Steel coils are positioned inside the mattress and have several layers of foam on top.

Don’t Depend on the Price

Some people think that a more expensive mattress will be a better fit. A higher rate doesn’t mean that you’ll sleep better on that mattress. Some mattresses might be pricier than others, but the quality might not suit to your liking. Some people can sleep well even if the bed doesn’t cost much.

Brands Aren’t Everything

While most people settle for popular brands, it’s still prudent  to choose if the brand is already familiar to you. Different brands have different defining qualities. Go for a brand which suits your taste. It’s fine if you choose a mattress with a commonly known brand as long as it fits your needs.

Go for Comfort

Choose a mattress which suits your needs. Test the mattress before buying it. If it’s too hard, try searching for a softer one. If it’s too soft, switch to a harder mattress. Be careful in choosing your mattress, especially people with back or neck pain. A too-soft mattress causes you to sink into the bed, and a too-hard mattress puts too much pressure on your head and shoulders.

A mattress with the right amount of firmness will work for you. Make sure that your mattress gives the proper amount of support to your body while cushioning it at the same time.

Mind Those Allergies

If you have allergies or asthma, not all mattresses are beneficial for you. Dust mites can collect on beds and trigger an allergic reaction or an asthma attack. Before buying a mattress, make sure that it’s labeled as hypoallergenic. Sites such as Deal Wiki sell hypoallergenic beds.

Try a memory foam mattress

These types of mattresses can help people with back pain sleep better, but it doesn’t have much difference from a regular mattress aside from helping you sleep better when you have a bed companion. Memory foam mattresses reduce motion, so you can’t feel the bed move that much even if your partner wants to toss and turn all night.

Try it Out

Sure, it looks weird to see somebody lying on a display bed, but you have to do it. You need to do this to get an initial idea of how the bed would feel like if you sleep on it. If you don’t bother testing the mattress before buying it, you might regret it later because it feels uncomfortable when you get to sleep on it.

Try different sleeping positions when you try out a bed. One position might be comfortable, but others might not be. Consider your sleeping style, like the side in which you sleep in. Make sure that the bed can support your body while making you comfortable as you sleep.

Sleep on Different Beds

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll get to sleep in different hotels. You can try assessing the beds if you’re comfortable sleeping on it. If it seems okay, you can try asking the hotel management about the bed’s brand, size, and other specs. You can buy one for yourself at home.


Make sure that the mattress is a good fit before you buy it. Scout around in your neighborhood or on the internet for the best mattress available. Try comparing the types of mattresses. Brand and price matter but it’s not everything. What matters is your comfort.

You can do a lot of things before buying one, such as trying the mattress while in the store. Try lying on the bed to test if you can sleep well on it. If you also have specific allergies, try asking if the mattress is hypoallergenic. Invest in a good mattress for a good night’s sleep.

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