Cow Wow Mooves into Kroger

Cow Wow Mooves into Kroger

Once upon a time we made Cow Wow in our kitchen with giant bowls, hundreds of boxes of cereal and more milk than our fridge could hold (or we fed our cows cereal, depending on which story you want to believe.) At the time it was just a dream. A crazy idea that no one ever thought would work. Including us cows.

Then one day the grocery store fairy came to our barn and asked what we wanted for Milk Day. So we all wrote down our wishes and buried them in a pile of hay.

Cow Wow Mooves into Kroger

Then one week ago, the largest grocery store in the universe, Kroger, called and said they wanted Cow Wow in 1,000 of their stores! It turns out all of us wished for the same thing and guess what…we got it.

Moral of the story? Follow your dreams. Never give up. Believe in the grocery store fairy. And if you’ve been wishing for Cow Wow it will be available in Ralph’s and all other Kroger stores in November. Moooo-vin’ on up.

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