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Metro: don’t be afraid to dream a little bigger

Before I begin, let me just say that the images in this article are me roughly representing ideas and concepts — I (debatably) know how to write, not design. After spending a considerable amount of time with Metro and Windows 8, I’ve grown completely sick of it. The lack of differentiation between apps truly irks me, and I’m growing increasingly concerned with the apparent absence of vision shown in early Windows 8 apps. But Metro is not to blame. When most people think of Metro, they

Everything to Know About Light Therapy

Light therapy is a treatment designed for the treatment of circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Circadian rhythm is what’s commonly known as your internal body clock which is responsible for telling your body when it is time to be

Ivy Classic 916 X 18 SDS Plus Hammer Drill

Ivy Classic 9/16 X 18 SDS Plus® Hammer Drill Whether you’re doing it as a hobby, you can use in early 20th century. It spans a little planning and preparation. Ivy Classic 9/16 X 18 SDS Plus® Hammer Drill i

Plus hammer drills


I haven't been around these parts for some time. Before I dazzle and amaze the world with more half-baked opinion and color, here's a little summary of what I've been up to. Say hello to one of the world's first x86 Intel-powered smartphones. My review of the Orange San Diego — essentially a reference design created by Intel as a testbed before it tries to make it big in mobile. The Optimus L7 surprised me. LG showed a mature, subtle restrained touch in both hardware and

Do something right, or don’t do it at all

Spotify launched a new feature today: music embeds for your website, blog, or Tumblr. Sounds neat, right? Great to see an embedding service that will see the artists get (some) royalties each time a track is played. Well… The only catch, if it's not completely obvious, is that you'll need the free Spotify app on your computer or mobile device in order to play music using the new widgets. Okay, so, I need Spotify installed, and I have to be a member. That's not ideal. Spotify thinks of