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Nha Trang’s nightlife: some of the amazing night clubs

Nha Trang is considered as one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam, it seduces hundreds of domestic and international visitors every year. Nha trang city is the capital city of Khanh Hoa Province, it is well-known not only for the blue beaches with white sand, but also the amusement park, modern resorts, colorful nightlife, vibrant scenes are made Nha Trang become a popular destination for tourists.

Nha Trang has some famous clubs and bars, which light up the nightlife in Nha Trang, so let’s list the most popular bars and clubs in Nha Trang. Do not hesitate to book a flight to go to Nha Trang right now, you can just simple to visit to find the best airfares.

What are the addresses of such bars and clubs?

– Most of them along to Tran Phu Street and Nha Trang Western corner.

– There are many of them located near the beach.

Some of them are not only famous in Vietnamese youngster, but also in foreigners here:

Skylight Nha Trang

You want to see a large panorama picture of the coastal beach of Nha Trang under city light, welcome to Skylight Bar. Placed on the 43rd floor of one of the city’s highest skyscrapers, Skylight can ensure that you will have a 360-degree view, giving you full of entertainment. All of the space here is made very carefully, every detail of the bar which is from the designs of the bar, lounge, seats, is creating luxury sense for the customers. However, the prices here are not too expensive, just only 150k/pax.

Skylight Nha Trang

Address: 43rd Floor Premier Havana Nha Trang Hotel – 38 Tran Phu Street.

Sailing Club Nha Trang

It would be a mistake when going to Nha Trang without visiting the Sailing Club, one of the oldest bars in Nha Trang (since 1994). Sailing is still keeping its position between a wide range of new bars and clubs around. Located right on the beach, Sailing club will bring you some eye-catching cocktails and you can listen to the rhythm of the ocean waves. In addition, the bar also performed Fire Dance and Beach Party are extremely amazing.

Sailing Club Nha Trang

Price: 150K / pax (Welcome Drink)

Address: 72 – 74 Tran Phu street.

Chekhov House

As suggest, Chekhov house makes you feel like your home. The design of the cozy bar is extremely exciting. Here, not only for the entertainment, you can also enjoy the famous delicious Russian cuisine. Chekhov is suitable for those who want to have fun in their “safety circle”. The environment here is not too noisy, when come here, you can find yourself, make some new friends, or just have dinner, sing karaoke, play darts and sip a few glasses of cooktail with eye-catching colors. This is usually a good gathering place if you come in groups.

Chekhov House

Chekhov house have received rating point 77/81 (Excellen) in Tripadvisor. Russian tourists also love this bar.

Address: 86B Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Nha Trang

Above Bar

The popularity of Above does not come from the music of Trap or Electro, Dupstep, Live Music is really the soul of this bar. Located on the rooftop of Liberty Hotel, Above bar offers guests the comfort of space, the wild side of cool beer bottles and the sea breeze. Music events at Above Bar are also held regularly.

Above Bar

Welcome Drink: Free of charge.

Address: 21st Floor – Liberty Hotel 09 Villa.

Zima Club (Winter Club)

Tired of getting to high place, let the Zima Club guide you to the Winter Club in the basement of the Four Seasons Resort, Tran Phu Street. Zima’s main customers are international visitors (Zima club facebook’s are written in Vietnamese, English and Russian) so you can find the most up-to-date standards of a bar. Good music, international DJs who are the witches of the sound, and certainly, do not forget the band of dancers, they are really “hot”. You will enjoy fascinating events such as House vs R’n’b Party or professional Barmen show. This is also one of the rare bars in Nha Trang that opens until 3am.

Zima Club (Winter Club)

Entrance fee: Free when you are female – 50,000 VND / male.

Address: Tran Phu Street.

Mania Bar

Located on the 4-star Merperle Hon Tam resort, Mania is considered to be the new trend of bar design. This is also a bar that many foreign tourists love. Nice view, facing to the sea and part of the western-style quarter. Mania bar brings a variety of shades, lightness and comfort in the decoration, services, with rattan chairs, chandeliers are greenish, but also “gray” In the super-fine EDM. In particular, the view of the Mania is rated equal Skylight but the price is cheaper.

Mania Bar

Admission fee: free.

Address: 10th Floor, Merperle Hotel – No. 2 Tran Quang Khai Street.

In addition, there are many other bars such as the cozy Bar Night Club, The Rabbit Hole, Rooftop Lounge, Havana club Nha Trang, Yasaka 008 Night Club, Rooftop Sky Lounge & Club, Guru … they are waiting for you to come and taste them all.

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