Olee sleep vs Zinus vs Lucid vs Live And Sleep
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Olee sleep vs Zinus vs Lucid vs Live And Sleep

The fierce competition of modern market makes it difficult to stay in the fight with hundreds of other brands that are entering the global one over the world. The Mattress which will help you have a nice sleep after a hard day must be a good one made by fabulous labels. Some kind of brand mentioned hope to give you a lot of choice for nice sleep. This article will mention 4 kinds of the ubiquitous such as Olee sleep vs Zinus vs Lucid vs Live And Sleep to give you some important information.

Olee sleep vs Zinus vs Lucid vs Live And Sleep

Olee brand for your choice

Olee brand is one of the best mattresses for sex which high-end quality and had been widely chosen by customers over the world. It is categorized one of the goods for use domestically and export over the world. Hence, this brand not only meets the demand of the suitability of but also meets a series of strict regulations on quality standards of consumption market. It, however, stays many pros and cons that must be mentioned about.

Initially, let’s list the pros of this kind of mattress:

  • Very affordable price. Price is one of great issue that many customers care about. Because of a good price tag, it suits a lot of buyers.
  • Comfortable mattress. Comfort gives a good feeling to users, especially for a backache. The mattress is quite firm, but there are gel topper and multiple layer memory foam which provide enough softness to balance it out. It will help you have a truly nice sleep regardless of position.
  • Excellent customer support. Many clients use it over the world and give a lot of positive review of this brand as well.
    100-day free trial.
  • Ten years warranty.

It also stays some drawbacks such as:

  • Made in China, the items made in China sometimes make some suspect of low quality.
  • Not too soft. It is definitely not good if the mattress doesn’t meet the demand level of soft.

Lucid mattresses, are they good?

Lucid which is one of a brand which has entered the global market for many years, constantly improved themselves, overcome all technical barriers and quality. It means a professional investment in the whole system from raw materials, equipment, technology to quality of the mattress. If you need a familiar label, this is definitely a really good choice.

The prevailing trend of consumerism nowadays is the preference for user-friendliness, serious care about the factors which affect health. Lucid always meet the demand of the mattress which is comfortable, enjoyable and most importantly durable.

What factors do persuade you to choose Lucid?

  • Completely good for health: Thanks to Tencel mix natural material which have no harm to your health. It means that there are no harmful chemicals plastics and nothing like that inside. Definitely, it ensures safety.
  • Comfort: Gel memory foam mix with bamboo charcoal ventilated memory foam layer and high-density supportive base foam which treat your sleep with comfort.
  • Good bounce back: You will not sink into and just kind of stay there it goes up pretty quickly right away.
  • Regulate the temperature: It is helpful in against overheating thanks to wick away the moisture to alleviate sweat and humidity.
  • 25-year warranty.
  • 120 days trial.

Drawbacks of this kind of mattress

  • Quite firm and it is not good for stomach sleepers and backache or neck.
  • Fall in the $300 range
  • Pretty good for sleepers in offering a nice sleep, but it is not the completely perfect choice.

Zinus mattresses, which is good and another side

Zinus is well-known about the prestige with the high-end products which are recognized through the system of quality standards over the world. Customers can witness the constant renewing products, constant technology innovation, and synchronize product quality as well as designing, packaging, labeling … according to international standards. This kind of mattress has met a tone of standards. This mattress is made of memory foam mattress which is one of the best technology for customers. Moreover, Zinus is a company that offers many different mattress options.

Zinus vs Live and Sleep vs Olee Sleep vs Lucid

Good sides of this kind

  • These are all very affordable so represent a potentially great value. The label gives customers many choices and each product has its own outstanding features.
  • Slow moving so it is kind of pure tempur-pedic which is good for side sleepers to get pressure relief on your shoulders and your hips, hence it feels very good. All of these great points ensure very nice sleep.
  • It is not bouncy so you will have the great feeling of motion transfer. There is no influence on partners’ motion.
  • Suitable for people who is on a budget. Products are ranged from this cost to another cost, so you can choose a suitable choice.

Also, it has some potential cons that you have to notice

  • Suit mid-class: It doesn’t suit people who are luxurious. If you require any standards for your own mattress to ensure a really nice sleep, this kind of mattress may be an unfit solution.
  • Unfit for people who have back or neck problems: Sometimes it is not good for all of the people who have a backache or neck problems.

What about Live and Sleep mattresses

Live and Sleep is rated to be luxury mattresses. This brand instantly updates the new generations which catch up with the trend of international consumption without the use of coloring agents, eliminating the common unpleasant smell, thereby minimizing the possibility of skin irritation, respiratory effects or other effects to users’ health.

This brand can catch up to some standard such as:

  • Have 100 trial night guarantee where you can try and send it back at no cost if you have no satisfaction.
    20-year warranty in case anything goes wrong.
  • All of the materials are certified CertiPUR-US and is a well-constructed bed.
  • Firm-level: Initially you feel pretty firm then it gets a little bit softer but during the night
  • In term of responsiveness: It gives comfort and good bounce.

However, it stays some limits such as:

  • It is quite firm so it is not ideal for sexual activities because you have to spend more energy on a full foam mattress.
  • There is little motion transfer between the different side of the bed.
  • From these review mentioned above, I hope you have critical consideration for your choice.

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