Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress
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Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

The background: My wife and I bought our first bed in the month of April 2005. Three years later it was already sagging in the middle. She lived with him for a year and then finally made a warranty claim.

Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

The company has stripped the bed to the sources, and rebuilt a new mattress. It lasted 8 months before the new terrible. It is best mattress for back pain, you can read it here

Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress

So I read it consumes. Reports and behold, in addition to the fact that it is stated that the mattresses are the number one asked about the next car review, not really rate any mattresses.

I think it’s b/c the companies give each store its model so it is impossible to compare. C.R. did, however, give the numbers of different manufacturers satisfaction survey.

It was amazing. All but one were 50% or less (the question, I think, was that you buy another mattress of this brand). Most were much lower than 50% (Serta was 35%).

I mean WOW. And It’s disheartening to think that the vast majority of people are unhappy with their bed. And yes, this includes the Sleep Number, the people at outrageous prices (I buy a queen air mattress at Wal-Mart for $15. Why put a case around it make it worth $ 3,000?)

Well, the only company that had more than 50% was Tempur Pedic (about 60%, not great, but better than the rest). The problem is that, even if I could afford it, there’s no way I’m paying $ 3,300 for a 12 “king size mattress.

My first thought is:” China does it all for 1/100th of the cost, “so I started Googling memory foam mattresses. Well much to my pleasant surprise the good ole U.S. has come through with the innovations of sleep.

I read everything, and I mean all the reviews. It seems like those that are Amazon Vine reviews (which are many) are false, customer reviews specifically positioned.

But weeding through those fake, you could see that people were happy with him. I was still interested, though, because I’ve read horror stories of customer reviews on another no-name memory mattress on Amazon.

Things like never before flattening angles and society saying that could only be returned in original box (which is impossible – it is vacuum-packed in there).

So I called the company. I expect terrible service and it was the opposite. Someone has been very nice, not outsourced woman who said that the company has been in business for 12 years, so I could return the mattress within the 20-year guarantee and should not have used the same box (when I have this question, she stated flatly, “that would be impossible”).

The product: I took the dive and bought it. The real test is how you feel in 5 years, but I can not fast-forward five years to tell you how things are. (And to that end, I thought I could get six of these for the price of a Tempur Pedic.) But I can say that in two weeks and I love this bed. A few bullet points:

  1. No problem with the hotness issue you read about, but it is not summer. I gave the worst case scenario, I would like to add an egg crate on top to get some separation from my body and the foam mattress if I have a heat problem. I should point out that we had a degree in 80 days recently and I have not had overheating problems that night.
  2. Foam smell went away. Once again, if not, I’d buy a crate of eggs, so my nose was right on it.
  3. This is a firm mattress. If you do not believe if you could sit on the side, but when your whole body is stretched, it stops. It is a good society. I always thought I was a soft mattress guy, 4 years, but after sleeping 4 years on a pillow top and a bad back to show it. I’m making the switch. I thought that if I needed more soft, I could buy an egg crate.
  4. DO NOT REMOVE COVER WHITE COTTON. This is apparently the equivalent of not removing the tag prison penalty. If you read the booklet that comes with the mattress tells you that the warranty is void if you do. So put some other cover over that if you must.
  5. My wife has a memory foam pillow and side dishes for the big head and if you move your head, it’s like you’re crushing down Everest again. This mattress is not so. Contouring very mild which I think is a real plus.
  6. Like other reviews say, is heavy as Hades. I took it upstairs with me pushing up with my back and my wife hump overcoming every scale. I would not recommend this if you have a bad back, etc. Get a couple of guys to do it.

Anyway it’s late, I’m tired, and I have a great bed to go to sleep in

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