Top 17 Good Food Can not be ignored in Da Nang City
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Top 17 Good Food Can not be ignored in Da Nang City

People usually said that Danang the most livable city in Vietnam. This city has been touched the heart of many visitors by  beautiful scenery, fresh air, friendly people and of course, special food. Let’s check this list if you are planning go or want to have a Food – Tour to eat in Da Nang. Top 17 Good Food in Da Nang City is being shared by Cow Wow Now expert.Top 17 Good Food Can not be ignored in Da Nang City

Miss Dưỡng’s “ Bánh Xèo “

It is a big mistake if you travel  Da Nang without enjoying “ Bánh xèo giòn giòn Miss Dưỡng” , init?. The crust of this food with shrimps, meat, and strawberry sauce…  is crispy. The difference at here is special sauce which you can not find anywhere else. Its price is only 55.000 vnd  for 4 items/ a special pancake dish

Miss Vị’s “ Mì Quảng “

Being one of the longest “ Mì Quảng “ in Da Nang, here is a place where you’re able to unique taste of Quang Nam. A bowl include  ribs, shrimps and chicken eggs to serve customers.

Miss Hường’s “ Bánh tráng thịt heo “

This good food in Da Nang can not be mentioned is Miss Hường’s “ Bánh tráng thịt heo “. A dish consists of boiled pork, rice paper, meringue, vegetable and seasoning sauce. Pork here which was cut beautifully, always has “big size” with vegetables, bread .

Miss Trang’s “ Mì Quảng Ếch “

As one of the restaurants in Da Nang serves “ Mì Quảng Ếch” , therefore this place is always crowded people to visit. Specially, garnets and soups are added to a bowl and then they were served with Quang’s noodle and vegetables to make you enjoy.

Miss Ngoc’s “ Bún Mắm “

“ Bún Mắm “ in Danang is quite similar to the noodles with barbecue, but it is replaced by pork rolls and spring rolls.While eating, you need add to oil and sauce to make this bowl more delicious.

Miss Lan’s “ Noodle with fish pie or tuna “

It seems that we all agreed Da Nang is a paradise for eating with delicious dishes and cheap prices. This city is well-known on Miss Lan’s “ Noodle with fish pie or tuna “.The fish in this food is definitely fresh and broth has good smell. All you need is to add a little bit of coriander and pepper in order to increase the savour of dishes.

Miss Hương’s “ Hue’s Bún bò “

The broth is really good . Moreover, the beef is soft and delicious. So, don’t be surprised if you see Miss Hương’s restaurant is always full of people.

59 Restaurant – Yaourt Muối village

This is a good place where is suitable for friends to sit together for talking  and enjoy delicious snacks. Although this restaurant is small, it serves quite strange dishes such as jackfruit mix, ….with cheap price.

Miss Đợi’s” Bánh canh”

Be worth to be one of the delicious restaurants in Danang, you will not forget the special taste of ” Bánh canh”  . What special of this food is you can taste this food by yourself. Don’t be surprised as you will be served a bowl of soup shrimp, fried and a dish including sweet pepper, oil, salt, green onions when the first time you come here

Chè Xuân Trang

If you want to know about the delicious restaurants in Da Nang, most people at here will mention you about “Chè Xuân Trang “.Although this restaurant only serve a few traditional “ Chè “, customers still fall in love with it. The restaurant is nice and  staff is friendly.

Miss Bé’s “ Bánh bèo “

This restaurant was famous on this food long time ago, so here is always full of customers.

“See Foody’s comments about this place, so I stopped to have lunch. When I arrive, I don’t know how to call. Few moments later, there is a girl to help me. After knowing  that I am a tourist , so she brought a little something/ dish. There are two kinds of “ Bánh bèo “. There are also two types of “bánh bột lọc. Finally, dessert dishes are flan and yogurt cheese. So yummy. Staff are also ok. ”

Gỏi cá Thanh Hương

This is one of the delicious restaurants in Da Nang serving delicious “Gỏi cá “you should not ignore. There are two kinds of fish for you in order to choose. After, the fish will be eaten with vegetables, pancakes and the traditional sauce of the village.

Sáu Hưng – Ngô Quyền “ Beef hotpot “

You maybe don’t find a place to sit down at this restaurant because here is well-known for people and visitors.

“ Want to eat “Sáu Hưng – Ngô Quyền “ Beef hotpot “ right now. For me, they are so so good and delicious. Whenever I have a friend come from another city, I will invite my friend to go there “

Grill & Chill Bar

Located on the 18th floor of the Avatar Hotel, however the Grill & Chill Bar serves a sweet buffet with a pretty cheap price, only 60k / person. Here you will fall in love with a number of cakes, fresh fruit and good tea. See more How To Store Wine Bottle ?

Quán Quen – Lẩu Riêu Bò & Lẩu Riêu Gà

Although serving Hanoi’s food but you should not ignore this restaurant because of the exellent taste. The two most delicious dishes you should try are Riêu bò hotpot and Riêu gà hotpot a lot of food. You need to have four people to eat them.

The Top Bar

The Top Bar is located on the 23rd floor of A La Carte Da Nang Beach Hotel so the atmosphere there is extremely cool. Futhermore, you can enjioy the wind . You will feel relaxed after the hard days due to light music, special drinks, quiet atmosphere here

“ Bá Cường “ seafood

As one of the freshest seafood restaurants in Da Nang . Don’t wait or you will miss the chance to enjoy delicious seafood at Ms. Cuong’s restaurant. The staff here will raise the kinds of seafood . When you order, they will made a good dish for you from here. So, it’s not necessary  to discuss the freshness of them.

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